Are Blogs Passe?

Am I just wasting my time writing this Blog?   At one time I had many hundreds of readers each day and I was well over 900,000 hits on this blog.  Many others in my family wrote blogs and now my readership is down to a couple of hundred and almost no one else is writing a blog.  I wonder what is changing about society that is causing this lapse.   (Other than the ceaseless news cycle about the election)

If you are on my blog, at the top of the page there is a box you can click and it takes you to the next blog.  Look at the dates and see how many are several years out of date.  Don't these old blogs go somewhere and die?  Do they live in the electronic world out there without deleting or just going away bit by bit? As I warned many of you very early in the life of this blog, I don't write this for you but for the therapeutic effect on my life.  I write, therefore I am.  Or at least so I think.

Now moving on the funny things in life.  The republican party is facing such a dilemma that I just have to laugh at how we got here.  If the Republicans can find a way to throw "The Donald " out of the race, he would probably just splinter off into a third party and split the Republican vote that would lead to the election of Hillary.  If they don't get him to go away, that too will probably lead to the election of Hillary.  Seems there was another Clinton that wanted a woman in the White House. 

Bernie has a real following with a lot of the very people that won't turn out to vote.  Our Political parties would have to run and hide if the 20 somethings got out and voted.  It is unfortunate that they are the people that will be around the longest and have the most to lose.  Sure Bernie will see that they have a free education through college.  What will he do to make sure there is a job when they all graduate.  If it is free, a College Degree will so glut the market that it will be like the High School Diploma.  We will all be able to tell you about the Theory of Relativity but no one will be able to fix a car.  That's OK, because the kids will be in debt so much that they won't have the money to buy a car.  At least the crushing debt they will have will not be student loans but the debt of the Government trying to give everything to everyone. Perhaps if they were forced to take a few classes in economics, they might understand the theory of Other People's Money went away with the Soviet Union. 

Oh well, such is life and I close this with the reality it doesn't matter what I write.  There will be people that read and some that don't. 


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  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    You just keep on blogging as I am enjoying it!