In My Perfect World

First let me start with this disclaimer that I know I have no such thing as a perfect world.  This is just my view of what would make a perfect world.  Buckle up Boys and Girls, Here Goes...

We need a leader that believes that the power in politics flows from the people through the elected officials and from there into the laws and policies that guide us. I know that we are a hell of a long way from living in a perfect world. Just once I would like to hear that there is a great orator that can calm the storms in Washington and get all sides to even begin to recognize the real problems and from there solutions we can all agree on and afford.  I really want this kind of leader at all levels, local State, nation and World...

Does Donald trump know that his rants just piss most of us off?  I know there can't be a teacher out there that doesn't recognize his behavior is normal in Junior High but not on today's streets.  Is his act just that to see how many people he can piss off so the Clinton's can once again live in the White House?  

Speaking of Whack-a-doodles, (I'll bet some of you thought I was going to attack Bernie again)  can the Governor of Kansas be more out of touch than to continue to cut tax breaks until the State runs out of money?  Just how many millions of dollars can they continue to spend without doing something to increase revenues?  I am not talking about turning our State into a complete socialist one.  I think that we all want there to be a floor that catches the poor as they fall on really hard times.  I just don't think we can afford to have a floor big enough if we let the entire State fail.

Just for a little while, I would like to have the legislature tell us the truth when they are busy telling us what they think we need to hear.  I know that the Military tells all the Military writers to dumb down their manuals to the sixth grade reading level but do we really need speakers to dumb down every thing they report. 

The other day, I told a friend that thanks to Photo Shop, you can never trust any picture to be the absolute truth.  I am afraid that the same thing applies to all the written and spoken words.  Some of that stems from the use of snippets on the internet.  It was on Facebook, it just has to be true.  Yeh, right!  I know there are a bunch of kids out there that never watch the news on TV and when their car radios are on it blasts music from a CD. 

I do not want us to reach the point where Stupid Speech gets to be illegal.  I just would like to have disclaimers.  "Warning, the following may be just made up and is suspected to be in the category of Stupid Speech.  If you believe it, it may cause others to laugh at you when you repeat it."  Sounds like a good warning label to me.

In the paper today, someone said that there was a guy in Italy that thought he could make the trains run on time.  This is not true.  Mussolini did in fact make the trains run on time, it was the rest of his ideas and ways of leading that made it bad for everyone else.  Did Donald trump study some of Mussolini's facial expressions as he got his campaign ready?    

OK, now that I have calmed down a little bit, I will just go back to my jobs here around rabbit run and see if I can improve things here.  Yes, I know that I can not make it perfect but a little better isn't the worst thing.


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