What Did You Expect?

Looking at the BIG XII Tournament the semi finals are the top four teams.  Kansas will play Baylor tonight and that will pit West Virginia against Oklahoma.  If this were a shot group on a target on a rifle range you could say you could put a quarter on the shot group at 100 yards.  The only difference is that KU has been on a roll on the second half of the season and should/could probably win out.  Either way, I won't bet the farm on the outcome.

What are the dreaded words you don't want to hear at the breakfast table?   "What's on your agenda today?"  I hated to admit that my agenda sounds kind of like I'm just planning on goofing off.  I  really will update my blog, catch up on Facebook, answer my E-Mails and listen my way through the music for the upcoming events.  I will sing in Dallas on the 1st and then our program will be on the 16th.   Both have different song so it will be a challenge to get all the words and music right.  It was once no big deal but now days it is a lot more challenging. 

The weather here in the heartland is about 20 degrees above the normal for this time of year.  Normally I wouldn't have any problems with that but I am afraid that all the trees will bloom out and we will be a second year without any fruit on the trees in the orchard.  Last year a wind storm came through right about the time the fruit began to set on.  The deer had a feast as they cleaned up the fallen fruit about the day it all hit the ground.  It all worked out as they would probably would have been eating it until Thanksgiving.  The had it early last year,

This morning the papers had an article about the coached in the BIG XII and how some of them might be on the way out.   I think that kind of thinking is way short of reality.  KU has been able to attract the top recruits and then Bell Self has been able to get the best out of the players.  Why other schools think that is a knock on their coach is not understandable. 

Have I told you lately just how frustrated I am with the Presidential campaign?  We seem to be able to put Donald and Hillary on the top line when I am hard pressed to find many redeeming values in either one.   There are several people out there that I think could do the job well and that are well qualified.  The other day I saw Colin Powel on TV and I have always thought he was very smart and I know he knows what goes on in the White House.  Throw in Condalesa Rice and that is two people who could get the job done.  If you ask the people here in the Midwest they would want Bill Self to go to Washington.  Many of us think he is well qualified and others would want him to go away from the BIG XII. 

I for one am really tired of people say they want the big money taken out of the political races.  Just how cheap would you sell your vote?  As for me, no amount of money would influence me to change my vote.  Speaking of that, what will it take for the young crowd to get out and vote?  I think that the estimate was that less than 11% of the young people got out and voted in the Caucus.  Based on my experience, there were a few very young kids there but the majority of the caucus voters here in Topeka were 40+.  In my perfect world, that would be a National Holiday and everyone would be given a time to vote based on their last name.  I am not sure how I would enforce this but it should be a requirement.

Oh well, better run and see what I need to do outside.  Great day here in the Heartland.


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