Oh No, It Has Started!

I am sure there are women all over America that are glad the NCAA Men's basketball playoffs have started as it will keep the men busy and out of their way for hours at a time.  Then again, my wife, the Master Gardener, will spend her share of time watching both KU and Wichita State play.  She graduated from WSU with her degree in Education and from KU with a Masters in Special Education.  I think this qualifies her with a dual citizenship for both KU and WSU Nations.  "Rock Chalk Woo Shock."

Yesterday I went down to get the TAG and the license for the Toyota and man did I ever get a sticker shock over the sales tax.    The tax was over $600 and with tags and all it was closer to $800.  I can't imagine buying a new(er) car.  No wonder it seems like making house payment to us old dudes.  The car is firmly in the hands of our son who's car was on it's last legs.   I have his car and will play with it some today but not long or hard.  Last night I pulled the dipstick and found that it was at least a quart low on oil in the two weeks since I filled it up.  I am going to throw in some oil and a can of an additive and see if I can get the bad cylinder to work better.   I will probably just get the title and turn it over to the junk yard.  

This daylight savings thing has  my system all out of whack.  I don't know if I need an afternoon or late morning nap?  I guess I'll just keep taking them both until fall.

Are you up for a couple of Political jokes?  Well here goes.  A prominent Republican was campaigning in rural Arkansas.  He stopped to talk to a farmer and told the farmer who he was.  The farmer said he would like to go get his wife, she had never met a Republican.  While the farmer was in the house, the politician looked for a podium to stand on.  All he could find was a very large pile of dried cow manure.   The wife came out and the politician gave them the best stump speech he had in his bag of lies.  The farmer and his wife were both impressed.  They allowed that it was the best speech they had ever heard.  The Politician said that "This was the first time I ever delivered a speech on a Democratic Platform."

There was a Democratic candidate running for office in a rural area and it was scheduled for the local grange building.  He arrived early and saw that the only heat in the place was an old coal stove.  He built a fire and when the allotted time for his speech arrived there was only one farmer and his wife in the audience.  He asked the farmer what should he do.  "Well, I recon that if I went out to the field to feed the cattle and only one came, I'd feed him."  The politician agreed and gave that farmer the full hour speech.  He again asked the farmer what he thought?  "Well, if I went out to feed the cows and only one came, I sure as hell wouldn't give him the full load." 

One Prominent politician went out to the Indian reservation to give one of his stump speeches.  When he got to one the high points in his speech, the crown shouted "BOHICA!"  Thinking he had really struck gold, he exaggerated his promises again to  the shouts of "BOHICA!"   Just before the  Politician got back in his car to leave, he had to cross a farm yard.  The Chief said, be careful and don't step in the bohica.

I am not sure if my nerves are up to the time between now and the election.  I am pretty sure there is enough hate and division out there to fill any campaign cart of promises.  Lets start with some of the promises - If elected there are people that will want to cut the Military budget to pay for some increased social programs.  Now, if you cut the budget, what is the largest part of the cost?  Yep, Pay and Allowances.  If you cut them, you will have to cut the number of people in uniform.  The people n uniform pay taxes and if you make them unemployed, the income to the Government goes down and the unemployment rate goes up.  Isn't that exactly the wrong thing to do in a recession?  Instead of giving kids a free education through college, How about we have them join the Military and ear the payments through the GI Bill?  Oh no, we are going to cut the size of the military to pay for that idea.   Your guess is as good as mine what we will do but that seems like a stupid idea.

I had better get moving if I am going to get all the good ideas done today.  "BOHICA!"


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