Roundball Part Deux

Now that the real NCAA Men's basketball tournament games start, I hope everyone out there has as much fun watching as I will.  There is a lot of hopes that will get dashed today but each round will eliminate 50% of the team playing.  Start with 68, play down to 64, then 32, then 16, then 8 then 4 and finally the winner of it all.  Cheer for you team, wear their colors and be happy if you get to see the game at all.

One of my friends said he was going to a bar and will be there all day and watch the games until the end of the day.   My problem is that I would probably bee to drunk to watch if I started drinking when the first game started.  I really love beer and I have had to give it up for the sake of my liver.

We bought a car from a private person on Craig's List and yesterday he put an e-mail up and asked me to take a picture of the title and sent it to him.   Only problem with that is that the County takes the title away when I applied for Tags and a new title.  Did I mention how much the sales tax was? 

Oh well, better get things rolling here at Rabbitrun.


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