Well, the BIC XII Race is over

Monday nights are when the Barbershop Chorus has their practice I hate to miss a KU game.  In spite of the game last night, I went to sing.  As I came out of practice about 9:30, I heard the score was 74 to 42.  They didn't say who was leading and I just assumed that KU had a let down after winning a tie in the conference race.  After all, the Las Vegas line was KU by 2.  Well, a few blocks later they talked about the complete shut off of Texas scoring for the first 5 minutes and the 30 point lead by KU.  By the time I got home, Evan Manning and Tyler Self were both on the floor playing so I knew that  the game was over.  I really can't wait for the Senior Day activities on Saturday.

Does anyone know what the hell the Caucuses here in Kansas are all about?  Our parties are awarded votes at the conventions based on our votes in the General Election.  At 68, I don't ever remember hearing the word Caucus mentioned in Kansas.   There are people complaining that our caucuses will be held at the same time as the KU game.  I don't get it.

Yesterday the temperatures were in the 70's.  Not so much today.  The low temperature and the wind have signaled the return of winter here in Kansas.   I have seen that in many yards, the surprise lilies and "Naked Ladies" are starting to grow out of the ground.  They will get their little buds nipped off tonight. 

In the military, we had a saying that you should train as you fight.  Our director last night kept starting and stopping our songs and it made the process very hard to get started right.  To make it worse, I was the only Baritone.  At one point, someone said that could not hear the lead section because the Baritones were so loud.  Five of them could not out sing one Baritone singing in a Falsetto voice.  Sheesh, I raised my hand and told them I was their Huckleberry and the five leads should be ashamed of themselves.    The director smiled and spent the next five minutes working on the leads part.  I went over and sat down.

This morning I went out to get the paper and I saw a deer on the road between our houses.  The next thing, I noticed that it was not a deer but 8 of them.  I guess I need to go get some more chopped corn to feed the mob.  It will be a lean month or two if we don't feed them.  Things are pretty brown for a while.  Once things green up, they will be OK but that won't be at least until April.

On Friday I will probably go over to Wamego and be there for the funeral of a good friend.  CW5 (Ret) Mark Jensen  and I go a long way back and I should go pay respects to him.  I really want to see his family and how the kids are.  They were so cute when they were little.  Thankfully they looked like his wife.  I know, that is rude but Mark would laugh cause of the truth involved.

Yesterday Dave called and asked if I could take him to a Dr's appointment.  He has had an ear infection for a week and his eardrum burst. He said he was way too dizzy to drive.  On top of that he was running a fever.  I sure hate to see him like that. 

Oh well, better get on with the day.


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