What a Day

The hawks and the Shocks are both still dancing and things are good here in Basketball Land at Rabbit Run.  Our local Newspaper columnist said the hawks will need to be better if the expect to beat UConn.  If you saw yesterday's game, I am not sure what else anyone would want.  The starters got plenty of rest and the bench played their butts off.  If you saw any of the game you would recognize that when Evan Manning and Tyler Self get to play the game is over.  The hawks had a great time and UConn had better be ready to play their asses off, the hawks are!

This morning when I went out to fetch the paper, I didn't wear a coat.  Guess what, it was snowing.  It has been so warm that none of it is sticking but snow is falling and we need the moisture.  Good Stuff for the Master Gardeners. 

The other day I was working on Dave's car and when I was cutting some tape off, I stabbed myself with a razor blade.  It is on my thumb and about every time I do something I cause it to bleed.  The only way I can keep that from happening I need to have a band aid on and then when I get it wet, I have to replace the band aid.  Crap it is such a nuisance. 

One of these days, I hope that the congress really hauls the drug companies in and makes them answer some tough questions.  When on Blue Cross and BS, Selevilla costs $45.00.  When she lost that insurance they want over $600 a month.  It is highway robbery.

Well, I had better get running and see if there is further mischief I can avoid (Or get into)


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