Finished Dave's Car

A while back, Dave's car had a failure to charge and we diagnosed it as a problem with the security system.  Well, we were wrong!  Dave was over and pulled up a video on how to replace the alternator and yesterday was such a nice day that I pulled the alternator off.  Took it to the Auto Parts store and sure enough, it was a shot puppy.  $218 later, I had the new one and put it on in short order.  I would have taken the old one off much faster had I thought about the ground wire on the bottom of the alternator.  After struggling with it for about 30 minutes, It came right out once the wire was undone. DUH Dennis.  His car still has a problem with the motor having a bad cylinder but hey, it runs and will last until it dies.

If some of the spelling looks wonky, the blog site just told me there is a problem with the spell checker.  Must be the computer making all those errors.  Well, perhaps it is these big fat fingers hitting two or more keys at the same time.  I am positive it is not my spelling ability.

Did I mention just how much I hate getting old?  This morning after a few hours in the garage yesterday, my back really aches.  I just scratched an itch on the back of my hand and I may soon have to go get a bandage for bleeding.   Oh well, every day above the ground has to be better than the alternative. 

This morning I told the wife that I was going to the Caucus but I couldn't remember the name of one of the Republicans.  I could remember Trump and Cruise but Rubio just remained nameless.  I was face blind and name blind at the same time.  I have a niece that one time was hit by lightning and she described her memory loss as there are big holes where she had memory stored.  Heck, I can't even remember what green the holes were on let alone the holes.  In our Chorus practice, the director will stop us to work on a small thing and then start from the nearest place that makes sense to him.  I sing with the CD and from front to back not somewhere in the middle.  I would sing the way he wants if I could but alas, I lack that ability.

Barbara is about to undergo cataract surgery the end of the month.  I have plans to go to Dallas and she was going to drive Barb Jr to Austin.  I have many doubts that she will be able to drive that soon.  She might not even have her new glasses yet.  I know that one eye will remain bad until that surgery is completed.  Oh well, half of her vision will be good.

I reset all the mouse traps in the garage for my defense in depth and this morning there were no dead mouse's anywhere.  I hope I have eliminated all the interlopers.  I am sure there will be more somewhere but not sure where or when.

Oh well, better get ready to go caucus, what ever that means.


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