I Must Be Getting Old(er)

Yesterday I was in the car with the wife, and because of a vision problem she still lets me drive, and I looked at my watch to see what day of the month it was.  At first I thought it said it was the 3rd.  Wrong, it said it was the 31st.  I guess I am so retired that the date really doesn't make all that much difference.  My watch doesn't recognize that normally there isn't but 28 days in a normal February.  Throw in an extra day for leap year and things really get weird.  Oh well,  At least I still know where my watch is.  I can find it because I seldom take it off.

That reminds me of a story.  Once my Dad was in the VA hospital and I went over to visit him.  I had just bought a new Timex "Tin Man"  watch and Dad noticed it.  He said, "I have always wanted a watch like that."  To me, the watch was just something to tell time with not something special.  As I handed it to him, he wanted me to put the old rubber watch band from the old watch on the new one.  Sure Dad, who wouldn't have given their Dad about anything.  A couple of days later, I went up to visit and he said, "This watch tells me two more things than I needs to know."  He didn't elaborate on what they were but I think he only needed to know the time so he didn't miss a meal.  A few months later, I was over at Mom's after Dad had passed.  I told her the watch story and she said that Dad had told her to give me an old watch he had to make up for the new one I gave him.  It turned out to be the Beech Aircraft watch he was given for working there for 40 years.   I feel that I was way ahead in that trade. 

This morning as I went out to fetch the paper, I was hit in the face with a brisk wind and cool temperatures.  After a couple of days of early spring, we are back to the normal March weather.  If you think the wind blows in March in your State, you should live in Kansas.  Actually the phenomenon of the wind is because Oklahoma Sucks...   Combine that with there is nothing but a Barbed Wire fence between here and the North Pole and you might understand Kansas weather.  There are 4 true seasons here in the heartland and it is what I think of as home.  It might be fun to make a visit to the beach in February but I wouldn't want to live there.

A lot of older people watch TV for the company.  I think I do to augment my trivia knowledge.  For example Napoleon build the Arch de Triumph as a tribute to his soldiers.  The thing most of us know is the Nazi troops marching underneath it during WWII.  Now if I could just remember when Napoleon was in power.  Normally I remember dates of Military engagements but nothing is stored there. 

Well, things to do and places to go.  Barb saw a mouse so it is time to put out the traps for my defense in depth.  Live in the woods and in the spring and fall the mice try to move in.  As long as they are suckers for peanut butter, I will remain the king of Mice hunters. 


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  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    long live the king of mice hunters..