Bleary Eyed

I think I suffer from too many basketball games over the weekend.  It has been a fun ride and I have really enjoyed all the excitement.  I am very glad to see KU, Oklahoma and Iowa State still dancing as we enter the "Sweet 16."   There has been a game or two that didn't end the way I thought it would.  Most notably is the Texas A&M game that if it had been 30 seconds shorter would have ended differently.

Da barbs are out and about right now and I am here at Che' Rabbit Run all alone.  I am watching the baseball game between a couple of Major League Teams from the USA held there in Cuba.  This is a good start to having a normal relationship with Cuba.  I don't agree with the President on many things but this is one that has been needed fixed for about 50 years.   I hope to go to Cuba someday and I will just love to see the old cars there.  I own a 53 Chevy Pickup and a 57 Chevy Belair 2 dr.  On my "If I win the Lottery" list is to return these two to pristine condition.  Actually, I really plan to put disc brakes and an LT1 engine in the 57.  Did I say anything about A/C yet? 

I have been put on notice that the Easter Bunny has been feeling left out on treats for Easter.  She spends a lot of time putting baskets and treats together for us and no one has been bringing her anything.  She really loves those pecan/caramel apples from Hazel Hill.  They are downtown here in Topeka and have great treats.  I will probably throw in one of their specialty popcorn treats also. 

I have been sending out e-mail notices for people that attended last year's Barbershop Chorus Show.  After a year, not all that many addresses have changed.  Most of the returns have been typing errors and trouble reading the writing.  When I got the right address on the messages they went away.  At least I didn't get a message that the address was invalid.  Here is what I sent:

When you attended our show, you requested that we send you an e-mail notice of the next show.  Hope to see you there.
70th Annual Capital City Barbershop Chorus Show

"Across the Pond"
Saturday, April 16, 2016    One Show Only at 3:00 PM
Featuring Special Guests "Harmonium"
Many other Quartets Including our own "Young at Heart"
Adults are $14 in Advance and $16 at the door
Seniors and Students are $12 in advance and $14 at the door
Fairlawn Church of the Nazarene, 730 SW Fairlawn, Topeka KS 66606
For Tickets or show info call 785) 273-9514 or 785) 286-0619

Well it is time to get cleaned up for the day ahead.


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