Great 8

Well, looks like Oklahoma and KU are both in the great 8.  It took some awesome defense for KU to stay in there last night but at this point in the season, they have the experience and talent to hang with about anyone.  Iowa State plays tonight to show the rest of the College teams that the BIGXII  was not overrated.  Another great evening of basketball.

What is on your Easter plans?  I for one will eat some ham for our friends in Morocco who can't.  I am not sure what they will eat but I'll bet they do it in good company.  I will probably do some cooking outside but mostly on the stove inside. 

Yesterday, I went to Pizza Hut to pick up some pizza for us as we went to Dave's to select the sites for some new fruit trees.  The clerk said it would be about 20 minutes.  After what turned out to be 40 minutes, I went to the counter to ask about my Pizza.  The clerk called out the manager when she couldn't find my order.  The manager said he saw the pizza but thinks it went out with a delivery driver.  Wonder where the heck it went.  They made a new order and it will be a cold day in hell before I will go back to Pizza Hut.  My last trip there was a disaster.  I ordered boneless wings and the cost was about $7.00 and I could have ordered chicken McNuggets from McDonald's for $2.99 and had more meat.  The manager assured me that that was the way they get them and I assured her that I won't be back there for wings.  Now I won't go back for Pizza either.

Oh well, gonna dig some holes today for fruit trees and we will wait until it is at least 60 outside before going to Dave's.  

Last weekend, 60 minutes had a segment on Medical Marijuana.  I am going to look it up on the net to see if there is any research on Fibro Myalgia.    Our Daughter-in-law has it pretty bad and it is a real hard disease to feel so bad all the time.  I don't want her to have to go to Colorado to live but if that is what it takes to make their life better, so be it.

Better get rolling.


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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Mazzio's deep pan is much better anyway. Had some last night. Yum yum.