The Dance has Started

Up to now, the games have been played to start the shake out to the top 66 teams in the nation.  The BIG XII tournament starts tonight with the bottom four teams trying to get another win.  It is win or go home for two of the teams.  They will not be in the Big Dance for sure.  I can not pick the winner as they al have played tough games and won in the talented conference.  We'll see.  I do hear rumblings from the west that the K-State coach has only one more year to produce a better team or he too will go home.  someone  posted a picture of a T-shirt I want.  It said "I love Bird watching" with a picture of a Jay hawk.

I am listening and singing along with the music for our show in April and the Bde sin out in Dallas on the first.  It is kind of hard to sing with all the dust and pollen in the air.  Oh well, I'll do my best to learn the words and I'm sure my voice will be OK by the time I need it.   How would you tell a guy that he needs to stop singing with the baritone section?  He is a Lead and just ruins the unity of our sound.  The Director stopped us and asked what was wrong because we sounded so bad?  I guess I should have told him that it was Jason that made it tough but I didn't want to do that in front of the entire group.  I guess I will need to send a private e-mail to them and make my point.

How many times have I told you that I hate to get old?  Several times a week things happen that just show me how old I am getting.  The other day I needed to put some diesel fuel in the tractor.  I could not climb up on the front scoop and manage to lift my leg high enough to get it where I needed.  It is the kind of thing that would have been a snap not all that long ago.  The thing that is really worry some is that my balance is getting a lot worse.  I told Barb that when and if we get season tickets next year I will need to be on the aisle.  After sitting during a game I just stagger going down the stairs.  The bad part is the lack of hand rails in the Phog.  Oh well, those tickets are very expensive but cheap compared to a stay in the hospital if I fall.

The other day we looked at a Toyota and it was a nice little car with few miles.  Barb low balled the owner and he put us on hold while his wife looked for another car.  They need a larger car and I am sure that their car would make a nice little trade-in at the dealership.  We'll see.

Better get moving of I might find myself glued to this chair.


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