West Virginia Who?

The Jayhawks beat a good West Virginia team in Kansas City last night.  They should be proud of their accomplishments as will the hawks be proud.  I hope the smile on Devonte's face will be there at the end of the Big Dance.  He earned the title of Most Valuable Player.  Had Buddy been there at the end and thrown in the game high points in a victory he might have ben the winner of the award.  Devonte earned it.

During the TV coverage of NC and Virginia, Roy Williams had one of those spells where he lost his balance and almost fell down.  I too suffer from the vertigo and episodes of falling down.  It generally involves darkness and periods of inactivity not the bright lights of an arena and all the hype and madness.  I wish him well.  If I had his money, I would go somewhere and live out the rest of my life in quiet solitude.  Oh Hell No!   I would watch as much basketball and I could no matter what.

Did anyone else hear that Oklahoma State is in the process of firing their coach?  That is a real shame when they are the victim of injury to key players not bad coaching.  I wonder how much money they are willing to throw at Bill Self to try to lure him there?  I hope he is immune to that kind of talk.  I am pretty sure that right now he is not even considering anything but the dance before him and his current team.

Looks like Barbara has finally closed the deal on a newer car for Dave.  It is a Toyota with not that many miles on it and should be a good car for years to come.  Now I need to work on her to upgrade her car.  My mechanic friend a few years back said we needed to lift up the steering wheel and drive a new car under it.  Oh well it will be only an errands car and the one we need to worry about is the Crown Vic with 140,000 miles. 

It has finally decided to start the spring rains here in the heartland.  Not hard ones, but gentle and small rains that will help enrich the ground water in our fields.  Barb's garden will need some attention this next week.  I have a tiller that will need to be tuned up and refueled.

Barb just reminded me that I need to reset my watch and wall clock.  At least the computer is right.  Spring Forward means I lost an hour somewhere but it really is not important.


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