That's not silly, It's Crazy

This morning there was an editorial that started out that the writer thought that at one time he thought 100% of the people we in favor of the United States being a Republic.   This guy has a master's Degree and is working on his Doctorate and he gets away with writing that in the opening line of an editorial?  The Editorial Board should have balled up that paper and thrown it away.  Any one that thinks you can get 100% of the people to think any thing is so far out of touch as to need to be in a rubber room.  

In a letter to the editor, one person is real harsh on Donald Trump about his not telling the truth.   Well, how do you tell when a Politician is Lying? "His Lips are Moving."  I am sure that he must believe Hillary's every word and that Bernie can redistribute the wealth and fix all our problems.

This morning there was and article in the paper abut a car that was driven all over town and responsible for five or six accidents and the death of his passenger.  My first reaction was to wonder, wait for it - WHY?  I stooped to the age old question of what causes people to do unreasonable things.  By my own actions I am not silly, I am crazy!

I hear from a lot of TV shows that people do not just want to know who did very violent things, they want to know WHY?   Time and time again, I hear that the very act of the death penalty will give them some kind of closure.  Then, the show tells us that that is not the case.  In our family, we had a niece raped and killed by another family member.  I call him not an in-law, but an outlaw.  That cretin has been sitting on death's row in Arkansas longer than our beloved Andi was alive.  There are times that I again stoop to the stupid question of WHY?  Why did he do it? Why did it take us so long to pursue the death penalty and Why is the review process taking over 15 years?  Thinking like that is not silly, It is Crazy!

By asking the question WHY, I am not being silly, I am being Crazy.  Oh well, it does appear that I am in good company. 

Here is my really crazy question of the day?  Why would anyone want to have the worst job in the USA?  Why would anyone freely think that they are powerful enough to be the target of all the hate and derision that goes along with the job of the president?   There are lists of people that not only ran for the job but a list of those that ran for re-election.  I am amazed that the history books are not filled with people like Lyndon Johnson that said - I will not seek the re-election to the office of the Presidency.  

The world is not silly, It is Crazy!


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