Spring is Springing!

If the weather would settle down, we might get our garden planted early.  The problem is that we just might have one of those spring snows come rolling in and kill anything planted early.  We have a sunny room that is full of plants and need to be outside.  Oh well, I also need to get the garden ready.

I am mad at the Lawyers in Oklahoma.  They think we can just schedule things and then change at the drop of a dime.  The lawyer for the other side is again stalling and we can't seem to get ours to drop the dime on him.  Crap...

April is the month of singing for me.  The first weekend I will be in Dallas for the Harmony Brigade show.  I will practice the 12 songs and when I get there be assigned to sing with three other Barbershoppers to make up a quartet.  This will all end with a show on Saturday night and I am looking forward to hearing the Very Large Quartets all sing together.  The weekend of the 16th our local chorus will hold their 70th annual show.  Can't wait.  We sang our asses off at last night's practice.  The funny thing is that we are much better on the new songs than we were on the old one's. 

Today I have to start the spring cleaning.  Barb is talking about the Easter dinner and we need to get ready for company.  I notice there are still dog nose prints on the windows from our last doggy visitors.  It will be nice enough to also clean the windows on the outside. 

Better get started if I am going to get anything done.  Rock Chalk!


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