Black Day in Blaksburg

What can I say that probably hasn't been said about the tragedy on the Virginia Tech Campus? Over thirty young people were killed and I feel bad for their families. This random act was just a senseless case of murder and I have valid doubts that there will be anything we will be able to take away from this that won't lead to more laws we can't enforce.
If the killer is truly a student here on a Visa there was just no way he could legally buy a gun let alone two. We know the College Campus was a gun free zone and he broke the law by taking his guns there. I'll bet he had extended round magazines and broke the law there also.
You can bet you paycheck that this will start another round of gun control laws and build into a new bunch of laws we won't or can't enforce.
A bunch of well meaning people will want another law to help them feel safe. They will want us to do things with weapons that won't help stop this in the future.
It is my opinion that if guns are outlawed, only outlaws and the Government will have guns.

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