I guess the events in Blacksburg, VA will open the discussion about freedom again. I am totally amazed that more people don't do something really stupid like that more often. We live in a society where we pay more attention to freedom that anywhere in the world. Our soldiers are willing to put their lives on the line to defend the rights of people that say no more war. How confusing is that? We live in a society that can say, " I disagree", with anyone, including the President. The only thing I ask of others is to remember that it is only the personal respect we give to others rights that keep us able to live open and free.
I would ask for you all to reconsider the transfer of those rights to those that haven't earned them. If you are not a citizen, you haven't earned those rights. Break the Felony laws and you will lose them. Vote, pay taxes and live within the norms of others and we'll all do OK here.
BTW, one time right after I returned from Vietnam, I was in the Campus Activity Center at Wichita State University. One of the students yelled to all of us there to come outside and watch as a demonstration was held to burn the flag. I calmly told him that he didn't want me there. I just might take offense to someone burning my flag. Fly it upside down or say bad things about it but unless it is worn out I just don't think a flag should be burned. I told him that I had a proud record as an American Soldier and I would be proud to have assault and battery on my record if he pushed the issue. He left and I didn't. MUD

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