Mom's 85th Birthday

This my mother and the reason we all got together. She has a smile on her face and in her heart almost all of the time. I feel blessed to have such a great influence on my life.
The picture of Dave, his wife Barb and Mom was removed. Barb said her friend Mel laugher at her. I would never let her be posted in any way but the best. We love her a lot!

This is my father's brother, Warren Petty, from
Arvada, CO. I looked high and low in my photo's to find a picture of his wife Mattie Jean. I think she hid every time I picked up the camera. They were great guests and we had some wonderful long talks. Even if he is a Liberal.

This group of girls is Becky, Melissa, Kristen and Kristy. What a great group of people I would love to have as my daughters but I'll just love Dave and his wife.

This is again Becky and her daughter Kristen. The other daughter stayed in Tulsa for a Prom. We missed her.

Someone left the front door open and this old Cowboy "wannabe" showed up. Obviously he has ridden many miles and forgets to shave. Yes, This is your host Mean Uncle Denny (MUD)

This wonderful person is the other love of my life and was the hostess for the party. Do you know how lucky it is to have a wife that loves you, a mother that loves you and for them to like each other? This was one of the few moments she got to sit down over the weekend.

This is Jennifer, a coach for the KC Rowing Team and my niece. She is the inspiration for hundreds of young girls in Kansas City. We love her and respect the great influence she has on the future of our country.

This is one of the races being held this weekend at Lake Shawnee. Jenn's teams were rowing against College teams and while they didn't win the gold in many races but, they were there and rowed hard. Jennifer says, " Athletes Row, everyone else plays games."

This is my brother Rick and the father of two lovely young women, Beck and Kristy. I envy his wonderful daughters.

This is again Warren Petty and my sister Myrna and her husband Ray Ikenberry. We were so pleased that Myrna felt well enough to get over. She is having some work done this AM. We wish her well.

This is Janet and Sue. Janet was my first niece and probably set the stage for me to envy all the wonderful girls in the family. We missed Janet's sister Carrie who was off with her son's playing soccer somewhere near Chicago.

This wonderful group is the family of my sister Carol. Starting from the left is Austin, Alan, Kim, Carol, Bob, AJ and Jennifer.

I want to thank my wonderful family for making this a special weekend for my Mother. 85 years of being the best mom, grandmother and person she could be. She is now Virginia Schawo but is known as Gramdma Petty to most all of us. I also want to say Happy Birthday to Rick, Ray, Becky and Bob. I hope you all have many more years of happiness. MUD


  1. Thank you SO much for having all of us this weekend!!!!!!

    Let Barb (and Barb N) know how much we love them and thank them for all their hard work making sure everyone was fed and happy this weekend.

    and I'll be over to get my trailer about 2pm...

  2. Um do u know what Im talking about?
    R u giving me advice??
    Im a little confused...
    If u just telling me to keep on smiling then thankx!

  3. Glad to hear you had wonderful time, all the best to your Mum.

  4. It was great seeing everyone. I think Grandma looked beautiful! Thanks again for organizing it. Love ya!