"MUD Needs"

This morning I was reading my "normal" group of abnormal blogs and my niece told me that I needed to type "MUD Needs" and to Google that phrase. Well, for better or worse here is the results:
  • White Mud Needs to get planning again. It seems there is a Jazz group out there named White Mud and they need to get it rolling again. Whew, I thought there was a need for a White Mud supremacy group out there. You know, a group of old white guys on recumbent bikes looking for a bathroom.
  • Mud needs Sloppas. Some kind of a mat to put your dirty boots on in the MUD room I guess. Sounds like something I would get at a Mexican restaurant and use about 20 napkins eating them. Wait a minute, that is my normal count for taco's.
  • Kansas Dirt. How did it know that just this morning Barb and I talked about needing a load of dirt to put behind our retaining wall, I am going to build?
  • MUD Mat to solve an access problem. I wonder if it will help my memory or just put down something so I can drive in the mud at the bottom of the hill?
  • Needs help with a plug-in. Either it has figured out the erectile dysfunction problem or it is some other new fangled gadget that I won't understand that I need for my computer.
  • "Aristox and MUD needs to be destroyed! Sure hope this is just some computer game and I can avoid being hunted down and de-constructed.
  • Mudd needs Coders. Hell, I need de-coders to make sense out of a lot of things. I can do the Sunday STICKDOKU problems if I get to use my computers and they print the answers on the bottom of the page. They can't fool me by printing it upside down, I can stand on my head and read them anyway.
  • Need to find a good MUD? Whoa boys and girls I thought I was so dull and boring that there was no way there could be a better MUD than yours truly. Oh well, I can still lust in my heart. That's probably the only thing Jimmy Carter and I have in common. No wait, I like peanuts.
So you can see what I am capable of when Barbara says to take the day off and someone else comes up with an idea to totally waste an hour or so. Either way, have a great day and enjoy.


  1. MUD needs...a funny neice to waste his time...oh...he already has one.
    Love ya!!!

  2. Oops niece, I meant...not neice.

  3. This is a very thing to do.... Mine wasnt clean enough to post..But hubbys was funny!