Don't pick on Barb!

This morning I made a "stupid Dennis type" remark to Barb and she almost cried. Cried hell, she got almost angry. (You know, when your teacher talked very slowly, precise and long) As you know she has announced her retirement from teaching and she is busy trying to get everything done in the last few weeks of school. She reminds me of an aircraft carried right before dark trying to land as many aircraft as possible while it is still daylight. It is not the difficulty of the work that is the tough part, it is the quantity of work and short time remaining. She can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is a passing train and she just can't get out of the way. She does know the tracks are empty as far as she can see after that. You would have thought that after all these years I would have learned.
We went to the "Designer's Showcase" house yesterday. Each year one of the Charities take a home and offer it up to the local decorators and contractors to make it pretty and then have a showcase house they sell tickets for people to tour. There were a lot of really nice things done and it always gets our juices flowing to re-do some things here at Rabbit-Run. Our house is 17 years old and starting to show its age. (Kind of like me) I know Barb will spend some time this summer making plans and budgets and spend most of next year re-working the things we want to do. She will consider all the factors of time, space, money and required expertise. There will be a few things we might have to contract out but mostly it will be a labor of love (She loves to do things and have me help) .
Taxes are done here and the State refund has even been sent back to us. It is almost exactly what we paid in Federal taxes so that was a wash. Nice to have one hand wash the other though. Next year we will have a really nice intersection on our taxes. My Federal retirements aren't taxable at the State level and her State retirement isn't taxable at the federal level. I'm sure they will want some of it back so I'll have to monitor that starting in September.
Have a great week out there as the weather man is predicting good things by the end of the week. MUD

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