The following terms are random thoughts about terms created by people with more time than things to do. Kind of like Bloggers who write about things no one else cares about:
  • Virtual Reality. Does reality so suck, that we don't want to use our god given talent to visualize something? Are we getting so weak minded that the concept or ability of thinking and trying to picture things in our minds is slipping away. Do you remember when a kaleidoscope was the most visual stimulating thing in our world?
  • Military Intelligence. If you go out in the most difficult environment, gather information about your enemy and come back and try to decide what to do based on what you think the other guy will do, you have summed up military intelligence. There is a list of factors called terrain, time, weather, equipment that you add to this and I call it "guesstimation" or making things up. Take this guess and make a plan that doesn't last beyond the first shot and then you have the entire cycle of what most military staffs perform. Hell, they have a College at Fort Leavenworth that takes this to the maximum extreme possible. Yes, boys and girls I am a graduate of that institution.
  • Political Correctness. How can anything using the word "Political" be anything but what people want to hear. Not reality, but what some one thinks should be said. Short people become "Vertically Challenged". Fat becomes "horizontally challenged". People with an abundance of dark pigment in their skin become "African Americans". People entering the country from Mexico become "Illegal Aliens" (yes, I know this term is being reworked because it offends some of them.
  • No Child Left Behind (or as I call it test them until they bleed) I would like for someone to sit down and build a list of the things kids "really"need to know at each grade level, take it out on the road and see if it is truly what society wants them to know and than help build plans to teach it to our children. Prior to about the age of 7 most kids are learning to read. Somewhere about 8 (or so) the switch flips over to reading to learn. I see a lot of things in schools preparing for the "standardized" tests that just measure how well the kids can remember things that make no other sense. Slogans are goals, not concrete barriers that must be met. Teachers will teach what ever the hell we tell them to teach and do a good job of that. It is who is in charge of what we teach that I question. MUD

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    Hoo Ahh! I'm sure you spent some time at Huachuca as well?