Why we need Family

This weekend we had most of the family over for one afternoon or the next. It was Mom's 85th Birthday and I wanted to do something to honor that great lifetime. There is just no group of people that Mom cares for more than our family. I just couldn't find one time/day to get them all together so I opened the weekend on two days to visit, laugh and share our love. I think the smaller group each day got to have a better visit with Mom and each other. I know that there were some that would have liked to visit with the entire group but all in all if they didn't have a great time with the ones they were with it was their own fault. I could feel the love all weekend.
I have been thinking about the weekend and have done a great deal of thinking about why we need our family. For the most part it has to be more than who has the nicest anything. It has to be more than who is now sober and who is still smoking. It has to be more than just a comparison of our medicines and illnesses. It has to be that family can be a group of people that can come together and hold a group hug for each other. It behooves us all to understand that our lives all started from the same place and we are all a part of each other. Heck, even our daughter-in-law and her friend (our adopted adult daughter) Melissa, fit right in with the group.
I hope you all out there have a family of some sort that you can go to to get a hug when you need one. It isn't money, clothes, cars or any of that, it is just that love you feel when you get a hug. I don't know how long we will have my mother to get hugs from and to give hugs to but I'll bet we all will remember her long after she is gone. Have a great day, week, month, year and life. MUD

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  1. What a great family you have!! And dang your Ma doesn't look her age, at all! Happy Belated Birthday to her!!