Short Easter Post

- The Editor of the Local paper wrote that he had a column all written for Jan 2008 to celebrate his 20 years without smoking. He ran the article a few months early because that cough he had caused him to go to the Doctor and he has small cell carcinoma of the lung. That's right, Lung Cancer from Smoking. Yes, I am a reformed smoker and drinker. I am just a drunk though, I don't have to go to those meetings to maintain my sobriety. I also had a bout with cancer this last year and have a regular biopsy of my right cheek (inside) because of the pipe smoke damage. The message I want to pass on is. If you smoke, quit, it will kill you. The only question is when. I'll bet that Pete Goering would give about anything to have back his health and the prospect of a long life. I could write a long list of names of my friends that died of smoking. Art, Pete, Jerry, and the list goes on... Most of these guys smoked Camel unfiltered. All cigarettes and pipes are all bad and these guys died.
- The paper this AM also ran an article about weddings in June. If you were planing on a wedding on 7/7/07, and don't have it booked, forget it. Everyone is booked because of the lucky numbers of that date. I hadn't even considered the number angle but know that June is a month for the young loves to tie the knot. Speaking of that, Dave and his wife Barb are going to renew their vows on the first of June at the Hilton in Las Vegas. They are going to celebrate this by getting re-married by a Klingon. It is so like them to take something as important and make it something to enjoy and perhaps have a good laugh at. After all, 39 years ago Barbara and I got married at the "Chapel of the Bells" in Vegas and who would have thought it would last this long?
- I would like to share something with all the sports fans out there. Get over it! Your team at any level is just a team playing a sport. Enjoy it, revel in the wins, be happy for the young athletes as they go on but it is only a sport. There are a bunch of people that play the lottery and hope to win but are mad when the Roy William's and Bob Huggins' of the world leave to go coach at their Alma Matter. Don't you all realize that coaches have hopes and dreams too? Burning cars and tearing things up because your team wins is stupid, stupid and more stupid.
- I got a remote controlled tarantula in my Easter basket. Must be something about giving to others what you want. Barb knows I'll either take it to school of let her take it there to amaze and amuse the kids.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it! MUD

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  1. nice post. My friends were heavy smokers. I am afraid I provided a seat outside, a big ashtray and sunshine most of the time...