Several people have decided to not post today because of the Virginia Tech massacre. I am going to do what I think those those 30 (+) students and teachers would do. I am going to Rant and Rail about the system that saw the shooter in trouble and did nothing. (or at least not enough). We have been working on being political correct so hard that we are afraid of offending people that sometimes need offended, incarcerated or put in the nut house because they are just crazy.
For the record, I own no slaves, my family owned no slaves and at the end of the Civil War all blacks were offered a free trip back to Africa. When they, like my relatives decided to stay, they became Americans. Not African Americans, just Americans. No one offered reparations for those of my family that came here as indentured servants, they offered the chance to live in a Country where we are all free to make choices. Get Over Yourself! For those that complain about the US and aren't citizens, Go Home! Change your countries and live there.
For all of those that are trying to kill Free Speech, Fuck You! Up to the point where I say something illegal, I have the right to tell you in any language that I disagree. If you want to stand up and say we need nice speech, polite speech and don't forget Free Speech, I'll stand behind you and shout with you. The minute you want to shut me up and stop my right to free speech I will be there standing toe to toe and shouting in your face.
Don't think for a moment that we need more gun control laws. Enforce the ones we have. If the Mental Health Clinic had reported the treatment and the State Law Enforcement Bureau got that report he wouldn't have been allowed to buy the guns from the Gun Shop. From the Legislature down to the University there were people that were guilty of not doing their job and we have a system of laws that don't work. To those that are in Charge, "Lead Follow or get out of the way!"
For those that are mad because I wasn't quiet today, think about those kids and teachers and decide for yourself. I for one think they would do what young people have done for years and yelled at the top of their lungs and tilted windmills until they pumped the water out of our soggy system or knocked the mills down. Passion about their cause is not a moment of silence, it is a full blown rant against the things that allowed it to happen!


  1. Good post Mud, you may want to read the latest I have done at my blog.

  2. I hadn't heard about people not posting in honor of the Virginia Tech victims. I think you're right, though. How many young people do you know that are willing to just stay quiet and watch? Passion and heart are what set young people apart. They have not lived long enough or seen enough to fall into the trap so many older folks do--believing that evil and injustice are inevitable and unstoppable. Rather than resigning themselves to accept those things, they fight to make it right. Youth may learn from the wisdom of age, but it has an important lesson of its own to teach as well. Us older, wiser folks would do well to heed that lesson and remember the passion of our own youth.

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Well said - I can only add that these horrific events tend to happen in so called "gun free" zones such as schools, churches and malls, where the perps know that no one can shoot back. If responsible adults are allowed to carry (concealled or otherwise) they at least have the option to defend themselves. It is also impossible to legislate away nut cases, unless the plan is to lock them up forever. J & C's grandma

  4. Amen to that, MUD!! I hadn't hear either, about not posting today.

    It seems that with most people who have perpetrated major horrific acts, like Cho and that mother in Texas who drowned her kids etc. they all had histories of mental illness and nothing seemed to have been done about it.

  5. I hadnt heard that either about not posting... I think if I had, I would've followed the crowd and avoided posting also. Good for you for taking a stand. I know university workers (clinic support, counselors, etc.) do what they can, but, clearly, the system is flawed. Such a tragedy deserves more than a population just trying to stay "PC."

  6. I guess freedom of speech is fine as long as you don't complain about not being able to buy your shampoo and conditioner in the same place? or maybe it is okay as long as your blog readers actually READ what you wrote instead of only reading half of it and making up their own minds about what you wrote and then condemning you for what they think you said? is that what you meant??