People we Love

This picture is Barb and Dave with Barb's nephews. Austen and Kyler are a pair of guys with a great attitude in spite of circumstances that are tough. Their mother is in a nursing home recovering from brain damage after a cardiac event. We are all hoping that she continues to recover and gets to come home to be with these two guys. They are very loving and happy and we just have a great time with them. Can you tell from this picture how much Barb loves them? Dave plays with the guys and they wear him out.
This is the horsey game they played and the laughter was so nice to hear. They got Easter baskets and had dinner with us. Typical boys in that they didn't eat the same thing but enjoyed it no matter what it was. I think Kyler said he ate 5 rolls but when we took a count he really only ate three.
I hope you all are safe and well and can be thankful for the blessings in your life. We are all just a step away from needing medical help.

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