Tag, I Guess I'm it!

I was tagged as a thinking blogger. I am most thankful that I have spell checker built in on this computer as you would be amused to see how phonetically things can be spelled and still be wrong. The Tag as a "thinking Blogger" requires that I tell you of five other blogs that I read because of how they make me think. I am also going to tell you about them and how they make me feel.
  • The "confessions of a closet conservative" always makes me wish that I was as smart and could write as much about things in a more dispassionate manner. I just get my dander worked up and tend to rant rather to destroy with words the things I hate. Her prolific blogs always keep me on my toes and it is almost always new and good.
  • "The rants from sunnybrook farm" is from someone I love and tend to be more feeling than thinking but it is never dull.
  • "blazing Cat Fur" is always good to get my blood pressure up. We don't agree on everything but it is fun to read things from the other side
  • Speaking of the other side, "stranger in Suwon city - Daily" has told me more about life in Korea than anyone else. Eva is a young woman there teaching English and about Korea to me. She has discussed the people and the food and opened Korea to me in a way I had never thought about.
  • As an old (heavy emphasis on Old) white guy, I just don't know what the young people are doing but I read one blog to look into that world. "a day in the life" is a young Canadian woman and her activities in a young world. I don't always get it but I read it to try. I guess that's all that can be expected is "to Try".
That's my list, I have several regular blogs that I read and cross the spectrum of politics. I have some friends in Morocco and reimer ramblings keepos me in touch with the lives of the two little girls we love, a lot. I don't just read the one's that I agree with. There is one called "Funny Political" that just isn't funny but it is political and it makes me think about what the other side is writing and thinking. I hate two or three of the blogs out there and don't know why my computer keeps linking to the sites that want me to correspond to young women that are sitting there in their bra and panties. I have to clean all the cookies out and kill the history on my blog or my computer keeps going to the same sites each time. I go to the blogs I want and then I want to see something different. MUD By the way, that means Mean Uncle Denny not anything about my sexual orientation.


  1. hmm...I'm new to blogging and don't have anyone (besides Rebecca and Melanie) that I read on a regular basis. I was looking through some that are linked on Rebecca's site and came across yours, and the sites you mentioned in here piqued my interest. Thank you! =)

  2. ;) Blood pressure? I do not think we are that far apart on most issues.

  3. Thank you MUD. You are too kind. Am actually more of a moderate than a conservative.. but that's fine. It's confessions of a closet republican. :-)
    I enjoy reading yours as well... always something fun and interesting and often amusing!

    And always wondered what MUD stood for...