Where are We Going?

On Thursday, I went to a class with one of the students and the teacher was talking about banking. Near the end of the class she asked the students if they thought we could or would go "cashless"? It really started me thinking about where do we have cash that it would be difficult to do without? One of the places the kids were concerned about was the places like garage sales. After a few minutes of this I interjected that if there is a need out there someone will find a way to meet that need. Perhaps you will have to buy a credit card interface for your computer but, more and more people have computers and wireless nets. Why not an encoded device that reads the cards and transfers Debits, credits or whatever amount into your account. Heck, people are using Pay Pal now.
I know there are a bunch of you out there that are worried about the possibilities of theft and letting "Big Brother (read 1984 by Orwell) " know what we are doing. Think about how much more you might spend at the carnival if you could just zap with a card to buy more rides, hot dogs and pop corn. You can now buy tickets at the movies with your card. Heck, you can buy food at most fast food restaurants.
I do think it could put a crimp in the drug dealers out there and those that are doing cash deals to avoid taxes. I don't live in that world so I don't care. I want everyone to pay taxes and for the Government to reduce the TAX rate because everyone is paying a fair share. ]
Thats my story and I'm sticking by it! MUD

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  1. As long as one has nothing to hide one shouldn't be afraid of the Patriot Act or "big Brother" finding out anything. I know I'm not!