Note to the Democrats - Take the High Road!

I am not sure if the two party system is any longer alive and well in Washington. The Democrats have an ever so slight lead in the numbers and have declared they had a mandate to change everything in Washington. Don't they realize that the voters wanted change (a little) but not the bath water thrown out with the baby.
What we all want is leadership in Washington and for both parties to take the high road. What we want is for the Executive Branch to hold a conference with the major players and work out a way to have all the countries help Iraq and Iran be highly functioning parties on the world stage. We don't want the President to muddle along without a "win it or get out plan". And we sure as hell don't want Nancy Pelosi over there playing Secretary of State "Wannabe". This timetable legislation offered on the funding is so full of Pork Barrel spending that has no business in any bill. It stinks that they just won't say, "Win or get out by this date". The current funding plan just makes both parties look like fools and the US look worse. No one thinks an ambush is leadership. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.
Lets look at the facts in the strong light of day. The conservatives are less than half of the 25% of the population voting Republican. The Liberals are about the same percentage of the Democrats. That leaves about 50% of the voters wondering what the hell is going on and why there is so much hatred. Don't both parties realize there is another half of the country out there just waiting for a leader to show up on the stage and lead? Just how hard is it to get the voters to really get involved? It takes only a minority of the majority out there to tip the scales to your side.
How do you think an actor got to be President? Ronald Regan acted like a leader. He hired strong speech writers and delivered those speeches like he was always an Eagle Scout on parade. He strapped on the guns of his office like a gunslinger and strode out there and told Gorbachev to tear down that wall. We all knew he wasn't the old ranger from "Death Valley Days" but we couldn't help but support that leader in charge. If you looked into JFK, he did a lot of things that just didn't make sense but he strode out on the platform and made us believe he was a leader. Lyndon Johnson cold get more done in Congress than anyone else but, showing us his scars and holding the beagles up by the ears just wasn't a leader's style. Just once I would like to have a Stormin' Norman Schwartzkopf type individual stand up there and tell people what the hell is really going on. If you are going to step on some toes, stomp those suckers and make people wake up that we all have a lot to be thankful for and little need to apologize for how screwed up the rest of the world is. America and Democracy may not be the best but it is so far ahead of anything else out there that we stand out like a diamond in a coal mine.
So, out there in two years we need someone to stand up and show leadership in a way that helps us all (or at least 51% of the voters) support our selves, out States, our party and especially our Nation. The Democrats have an open road to the highest National Office but they need to take the high road and not be the ambush party.


  1. Amen to that MUD! And that 51% of us voters is going to be what tips the next election. Hopefully.

  2. Unfortunately, as I understand it, you don't need 51% of voters, you need 51% of Electoral Collage Votes, and that's not necessarily the same thing.