Whew, What a Week!

Just when I thought I might get to take a few extra naps, the substitute system calls and puts me to work. This week it was two fourth grade classes and a special education day. This morning just when I thought I would only go to work at noon I got a call at 7:25 AM telling me to report at 7:20 at the middle school. Inside of 15 minutes I was there and beat the kids to school.
For the most part, these gigs just put money in the son's College fund. I will work until the end of the year and I think Barb and I will retire from the world of teaching. She has been the professional and I am just the amateur.
Today I got beat by a forth grader. I almost lost it over the antics of a little guy that probably just needed a hug. I know I did by the end of the day. He tried my patience worse than any little guy so far. I have had some tough nuts but this guy just pushed my buttons big time. I know what I did wrong and it won't happen again. I guess if you can learn from your mistakes things will be better in the long run. I sat down at the end of the day and only blamed myself because I know he did the best he could.
Tonight Barb and I drove over to Lawrence to have dinner at the Salty Iguana. Three big old blue corn taco's, some black beans and a little rice just mellowed me out. That Barbara sure knows how to treat a beat up old guy at the end of the day. We both retired to our separate TV's and I'll bet we both sneaked in a nap some of that time. Love her.
I will take a little time off this weekend and get in some time on the mower and on the bike. You all be good to yourself. MUD

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  1. I love to read your blog. My actual family is small, very small, but friends are also good for a few group hugs. Every time I get back to Chloride in AZ the small town gives me plenty of hugs and reading your kind thoughts and feeling your warmth to your loved ones through them makes me feel warm and hopeful. Thanks.