Easter Leftovers

This weekend we had the kids over on Friday night and again on Sunday. On Friday night Barb brought her nephews Austin and Kyler. They are two of the most fun guys you could ever spend time with. What is the biggest thing after the weekend? Leftovers. We have potatoes, ham, sliced fruit and several bowls of things I haven't looked at yet. Tonight I will look at the contents and see if there isn't a soup or stew that I can make. I did eat a couple of pieces of the ham this AM for breakfast but there is still a lot of ham to eat.
Being the family cook and chief blogger I seem to always have leftovers to blog and cook. Here are a few tidbits:
  • I want to stress that I believe in freedom of religion not "from" religion. You have the right to celebrate or participate in your religion/church/community activities. I have the right to celebrate or not as I so choose. I know my freedoms end where yours begin. Just don't ring my doorbell at 0800 on Saturday or Sunday to give me "tracts" about your religion. If I am awake and had my second cup of coffee I will smile and listen to you as you share what you think but don't be surprised if I listen politely and move on smartly.
  • The more I am around students and teachers, the more I think education is such an important thing in our society. I think the Goals of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) are wonderful but they are goals not rules and our enforcement is extreme. For example, if a child starts behind in Kindergarten and only progresses at a rate of 75% of the other children will this kid be on grade level? No, but given his/her ability is the progression forward what we really want? I think so and lets not punish the teachers for the ability/disability of the students. There are people that want to put in the teachers file the test scores of the students. Without some baseline on the kids, the teachers could be looked at with scorn for a class that just had more of the lower performing students. Measure the kids from where they were and compare it to where they are and display the difference. Don't judge them all by some standard and know that no matter how hard we work there will be some that just don't measure up.
  • Why do the Democrats listen to the Green people and want us to pay $4.00 for a gallon of gas? Why would we not be a true Democracy and free market economic system and let the oil companies drill for oil where it is available. Are they supporting the Muslim oil cartels for some reason we don't know about? Why isn't the Republican leadership kicking sand in their face and making this an issue. OK, if you don't want to drill for oil in the north or the Gulf, find me some way to drive my car in peace.
  • The latest dramatic thing in this controversy is people are now starting to complain about the higher prices for food because of the use of soybeans and corn for bio-fuels instead of feed. Wouldn't it just make sense that the farmers profit from this and not OPEC? I bought a ham this weekend for about $13.00 that fed 5 and had lots leftover. It would have cost us over $75.00 to eat at a restaurant Counting aluminum foil (for a depleted stock) and ice the total dinner didn't cost $50.00.
  • I am going in today to replace Barb so she can go to the Doctor's office and pick up her new glasses. I am going in a little early to let her Para have a little time off for an appointment. Better run. Peace be with you and war unto your enemies. As Johnny Carson would say - May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits.
  • One Joke from Kyler - Why did the cow cross the road? to get to the MOO-vies.
That is my story and I'm sticking to it. MUD

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