Special Needs Kids

This AM the phone rang and it was the middle school needing a substitute for the Para Program in the Special Needs class. I had no idea what I was getting in to or how much work it was. There are about 8 severely handicapped students in the Middle School and most of the time it is pretty much one on one work with them. Both the higher functioning girls are autistic and they just won't talk to men. There is one little girl that didn't talk to anyone.
We had a field trip to McDonalds for lunch and it was a hoot to get the whole bunch on the bus. One has a wheel chair and we had to take the lift bus. I worked the wheel chair on and off the lift and in and out of the restaurant. I now know why there is a lot more room in the handicapped stalls. With the chair, me and the little guy there wasn't room to turn around.
I think that all afternoon I kept thinking, "There but by the Grace of God go I". We just don't know how lucky we are to be well and healthy.
In the 2nd grade room yesterday, I had a great time. There was one little girl that just assumed all the power she could. In the early afternoon the intercom beeped and said, "Miss Tice". The at little miss bossy said,"She's not here today" The secretary said to send little Mary to the office and my junior assistant said, "She'll be there". I think they could have run the place without me but everyone would have a mark or two at the end of the day.
I think it could snow today. It was 80 Monday. Kansas - Don't like the weather, wait a day.


  1. i admire all teachers, but especially those that work in special classrooms everyday. it's so demanding - physically and emotionally.

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  3. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Ah, reminds me of not so long ago. I spent six months as a para-educator in a Spec. Ed. classroom. I used to work for The Arc as well. For three years in fact.

    Strange, because as a teen and young adult I was frankly afraid of people with disabilities. Now, it seems so different. Its just part of life....but before that exposure....it didn't seem natural at all.

    God Bless You,