Another hit on Free Speech

Just today a Judge dismissed a suit by two local Law Enforcement Officers against the Police Department for punishment they were given for writing an editorial. Their editorial was written against a column written by the local head of the NAACP. They basically told her to get a life when she said to have pity on a poor black man standing before the court alone. They said this guy was a habitual offender and even his own family has given up on him. The judge said the Police department had the right to punish the officers in their efforts to maintain an efficient force.
I hate the fact these law enforcement officers could not write an editorial against a columnist in the local paper without being charged with racism, hate speech and impending good order.
The columnist had the right to say what she said and I feel the officers had the right to publish their point of view in the same paper. Either we believe in Free Speech or we don't.


  1. Typical PC double standards...

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    People should read this.