Barb's Day

The school where Barb teaches held a retirement reception yesterday and it was sure nice. Almost all the current teachers came and a lot of the retired teachers came. They decorated the library nice and Barb was given a lot of nice gifts. My sister Carol and her daughter Jenn came over and it was sure nice to see them also. There was also a pile of cards from everybody and Barb came home a happy camper. We took Dave's wife (Dave had to work) and our other Daughter (Barb's friend Mel) over to Appleby's for dinner.
Barb pitched her idea to help Para's get a teaching degree to three of the leaders in the system. They are having trouble replacing Barb and the other teacher and can see they need to have a program to grow their own. I see the need to talk with the State Legislature to help form some programs as well as working on getting some credit through the universities for On-The-Job experience.
For those of you that haven't read yesterday's rant, I was mildly mad at some of the antics of the system and probably got carried away. (a lot) No, I really don't care what is in my registry. I have no intention of going in and cleaning anything out. I do not fear having my life looked at. I am probably the most boring person I know and one of the most law abiding. If I break one or two small laws, hey so sue me.
Things are progressing well towards our June Las Vegas trip. I just read that one of Barb's Aunt's will be in town that day so we will probably take her to the wedding. It is possible that Barb's sister Shirley may get there as soon as she quits horsing around with Bob. (That's an inside joke, don't go there)
So far no call today so I will spend another glorious day here at Rabbit Run. Raining and I see a gutter backed up but it will wait until it stops raining (or not) MUD


  1. Drag about all your rain. Strange how some areas are in major drought and others too much rain.

    This is your blog and you can say what you want. Had no idea you hated You Tube so much. :-) Ooops.

  2. Don't hate U Tube, I hate the posting of nothing but their videos. This is supposed to be a forum for our opinions and our voices. Kind of like going to a concert and all we hear are recorded voices. I really don't hate those post 10 things kind of things once in a while. It is the proscribed formats and shortcuts all the time. Why blog on wordless Wednesday? I love pictures in blogs but I would rather see other person's points of vier than just pictures. MUD