Interesting Week

I spent the day yesterday making a wheel chair ramp at the rental house. Now Mom can roll out to the street in her motorized chair.
After several years of the responsibility of having Mom here there is a strong prospect of her moving to Tulsa to live with my brother. She will go on a test run during my June vacation and we'll see. I know everyone in Tulsa will love having her there as much as I have appreciated her here.
I have been on the first jury pool notification in my life. I am in the jury pool 12 and so far only 1-7 has had to go in. I have a teaching gig tomorrow and Friday so I hope I can escape totally but will do what I have to do.
I was just notified that I don't need to be at the High School until 1 PM today (they get out at 2:30) so it will be short and sweet. I am a Social Studies teacher or as I told Barb a better name would be an Unsocial Studies teacher.
How do you handle a family member that insists on being negative? From now on it will be to ignore that person and move on with life. I thought we were both moving on but it seems that poison just has to spill out. Sheesh!
Oh well, I will take my shovel over to the drive and see if there is something I can do to make it easier to get in and out. MUD


  1. I appreciate your comments on my blog. And I do agree with you regarding Paris Hilton.

    SP Biloxi
    Justice League

  2. :-) I think sp biloxi knows nothing of your politics, dear MUD.
    I checked out his blog.

  3. oh, and wheelchair ramp?
    it's going to be strange to not have your mum there, if she moves.

  4. I didn't read and comment on everything on sp Biloxi's blog. If my failing memory serves me I commented about the fact that a lot of reporters don't know the difference between Prison and Jail. Paris needs to go to Jail and have the reality that she will pay the price when she does bad things. Don't wear panties, your breezer will be in the blogs. Drive when you license is suspended and your butt will go to jail. Fair is fair. MUD

  5. Good work on the ramp, as for motorized scooters, My Ma rolled hers twice in 2 weeks! She had never driven a vehicle of any kind in her life and we set her loose on an unsuspecting populace.....

  6. Absolutely right, MUD.