Ashes, Ashes we all fall down

For years I have kept a pair of old SAS shoes in the garage to use to feed the dogs. I leave then untied so I can slip them on and in the garage because it is sometimes muddy in the dog pen. Last night I heated up some leftovers and when we both finished I took the "left over-left overs" to the dogs. I slipped my old shoes on and went out to the pen. I proceeded to trip myself going over the electric fence and fall flat on my face. Barb was out on the deck and came over to see if I was able to get up. It did take me a few minutes to catch my wind and assess that nothing was broken. The black slob was way too busy feeding on the dropped food to even notice. The female, "Baby" came to me and put her head down on my leg.
The end result of all that was a bruised face, bent glasses, a scraped shin and a rock sized bruise on my left pectoral muscle. Nothing permanent but not something I want to do every day. My back was already pretty sore from all the work I had done so I think it would have hurt this morning no matter what.
My dad had Parkinson's and started falling down without wearing a stupid pair of shoes that should have been tied. Every time I have something like this happen I always wonder. Is it something more sinister or just another tired 60 year old that did too much and fell down because he was too stiff and sore to bend down to tie his damned shoes? Oh well, I will be able to do what I need to do so it is no big thing.
It seems like it is impossible that my little friend Kendra is 4. We watched her and her sister grow up and miss them like crazy. I am werry, werry sad that they are in Morocco. I know that her parents are doing what they feel they need to do so I am glad for them but I do miss my little buddies, none the less. Do you remember that I said the spices from Morocco just didn't hit the spot on the smoked chicken? Let me tell you that I used one of the smoked chicken breasts in some Alfredo sauce and it was just out of this world. The spices just blossomed and were so good that it was amazing how good it was. I guess the dry spices didn't have much taste and a little sauce or moisture was the secret.
Better get on with things here at Rabbit Run. Have a great day and a super week. MUD


  1. Maybe you need to get some slip ons or as AJ calls them his slide shoes.

  2. Hope you heal quickly MUD!
    No fun.

  3. OMG!!! Poor uncle Denny. I am so sorry. I will call you today.