What would I have done Different?

I think that after 9/11, the US was in a war on Terrorism. Good grief people, more people were killed in New York than were killed in Pearl Harbor. It was a sneak attack if there ever was one. The madman pictured over on the right was smack dab right in the middle of the problem. Was he the only problem or the direct link? No, but he needed to be stopped because of the carnage being done in Iraq. I would have done what the President did and given him 48 hours to leave and then sent in the "Dogs of War". It is what I would do after that that differs in the prosecution of Saddam.
I would have kept the Iraqi Armed Forces in charge. I would have gone to the Commanding General and told him he was responsible for keeping the country safe. If he could/would not comply, GO TO GITMO, do pass go, do not collect $200. I would have then gone to the next highest General and said the same thing. Somewhere about the middle of the Lieutenant Colonels someone would have stepped up. Propping up the Military would have kept much of the trained militants employed and someone in charge.
The next step was to collect all the automatic weapons in the hands of people not in charge. We don't allow them here so why is it a good idea there? I would have employed people to strengthen the border in Iraq and stopped any new terrorists from coming in. (Would do that here also but hey, "Good fences make good Neighbors")
I would tell the three parties that they have a month or so to stand up a new Government or I would split the country up into three segments and nationalize the oil wells.
Would I have been more successful? Would it have taken a more brutal leader than Saddam to lead and keep peace? Who Knows. One thing I won't do is say stupid things like the President lied or that he is stupid. My free speech rights entitle me to my opinion. (even if every time I type the word Spell checker tells me there is only one p in opinion.)
God bless the USA the President, the members of the Armed forces and the people of our country who have the best of all worlds to live in. Don't like it here, go away and you'll be back in a heart beat . MUD


  1. MUD - Hindsight is 20/20. IN this case though, it wasn't that hard.

    When the first images in Bagdad started coming back and the news was celebrating the general lawlessness in the city, it was absolutely embarrassing. Then, once people realized that no one had control the military started saying, "It was never our plan to police this country. And we're not going to." That was such an obvious mistake they should have realized and done as you suggested, putting the Iraqis back in charge of themselves immediately, or gone in with an understanding of what they needed to do to maintain control and become a police force everywhere they stepped foot.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but even in the first weeks, those mistakes were painfully obvious. And nothing was being done in that first critical window to stop it. I believe that we set our own course in Iraq by being so short sighted going in.

  2. Great blog, keep the good work going :)