History, Learn some or shut up!

Today an editorial in the local paper made many negative remarks about the President and made a lot of other untruths about former President Clinton. The major theme was that Clinton's lies got no one killed and everything was rosy on his watch. Here is a small list of the things that happened when Clinton was President:
  • Feb 26, 1993 - - New York City, a bomb in the World Trade Center exploded killing 6 and injuring 1,040 more. Granted this was right after Bill took office but it was on his watch.
  • Apr 93 - Waco, TX. 4 A.T.F. shooters killed and 16 wounded. 80 Branch Dividians Died.
  • Apr 95 - OK City, OK In response to the Waco disaster, Tim McVeigh exploded a truck outside the Federal Office Bldg killing 169 people or which 19 were children.
  • Nov 95 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a car bomb was exploded outside the US Military Compound killing 5.
  • Aug 98 - Bombs hit the Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killing 224 people and injuring 4,500.
  • Oct, 2000 Aden, Yemen the Destroyer USS Cole was hit by a small boat that exploded alongside killing 17 sailors
This brings the list of people killed due to terrorist activities (both internal and external) to over 500. The list of injured goes on into the thousands. Why? What was the response by the person elected to keep us safe?

To Me, it is fairly obvious, the war on terrorism started long before the current President took office. Who Lied? Were we at war and no one noticed? For brevity, I will not get into the personal lies President Clinton told and the resulting failed impeachment. I will point out that Bill lost his law license for telling lies to a Federal Court. Just so you know he did have sex with that woman depending on what your definition of sex is?

History is a fickle mistress and will come back to slap you if you don't pay attention. If you don't believe this list, look it up on line, I did!

Have a great day! MUD


  1. A liar always pays ! Bill Clintons hell on earth is his wife!

  2. Take a longer look at history. How did Clinton "eliminate" the deficit? He demilitarized the US from off of it's cold war high. He was benefiting from the groundwork that Reagan and George Sr. laid.

    As part of that military stand down, the funds for intelligence gathering were slashed. We don't have to spy on the commies anymore, so why bother gathering intel anywhere else? Even after all of the terrorist attacks you listed, we still weren't training our people in Arabic.

    George W. inherited the groundwork that Clinton laid, and has been crucified for being a man of action. There was a time in this country when men of action were called heros and men who called for us to quit a fight before it was over and the treat still existed were called cowards. Now they're brave and patriotic for using their first amendment rights.

  3. It started way before Clinton. In fact, the resurgence of Islamic extremism started in the 70s under Carter's watch! :-)

  4. Islamic extremism has been around much longer than most people realize. Certainly, well before the 70s. How long it has been an issue is not really important. What is important is that Islamic extremists are at war with anyone that is not an Islamic extremist. They believe it is their God given right to kill all "infidels" and that the Koran commands it. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, this is a threat that is not going to go away! We will never win all the hearts and minds of all the Islamic extremists. About the only thing they fear is having their souls condemmned to Hell. Whether one beleives the account of General Pershing's quelling of a Muslim uprising in the early 1900s, by burying dead extremists with pigs, is moot. The story simply illustrates the point I'm making and that is that the terrorists and insurgents that we are currently battling do not fear our bullets or our courts. They welcome death for their cause and scoff at our liberal approach to dealing with the problem. So what's the answer? I wish I knew.

  5. Its a simple solution (in their minds). We all need to convert to radical Islam.

  6. The purpose of this post was to point out that every President faces challenges and that while Clinton was President things weren't all beer and skittles. At what point did we need to declare a war on terrorism? I think 9-11 killed 3,000 people (or nearly that number) and was an attack bigger than Pearl Harbor. I know many people think New Yorkers are expendable but I happen to think they were citizens and deserve to be defended. I might have fought the war different but I think the Talaban needed kicked out of Afghanistan and Saddam was a madman and so bad that hell doesn't deserve him. MUD

  7. GW, Yes Islamic imperialism has been going on for centuries, but the extremist resurgence started in Iran with the change from a secular country to Islamism and the Embassy hostage crisis. It's been downhil since.
    And I think we would all agree, it is a major threat.