On June 2nd, Dave and his wife will have their vows re-newed in Las Vegas. Barb and I will be staying on Fremont Street in the 4 Queens hotel. Our first weekend in Vegas was across from the 4 Queens at the Fremont Hotel. We were married in Vegas on 11 Feb 1968 at the "Chapel of the Bells". I am not sure why but Barb wouldn't really want to go to Vegas again except to be with Dave and Barb. Did I mention they are going to have their vows renewed on the Deck of the Star Ship Enterprise by a Klingon? They are like that and we love them for it.
Barb has three days with students and one day without left. We will spend a few days getting ready to take our trip out west and then face a life of retirement. So much to do and so much time.
What do you want to do with your life? Do you plan to travel, garden, read, work on old cars or just what do you plan on doing? At this point I am just not sure what I will do but I'm pretty sure it includes some travel. There is a bus that leaves from Topeka than goes to Mexico City and someday I will be on it. I know that Barb would be glad to fly there an meet me but three or four days on a bus just isn't her thing. I think that stopping at all the Mexican restaurants between here and Brownsville would be a hoot. Another Ugly American tourist you are thinking. But hey, I'm old and I am what I am. (Thanks popeye)

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