Flooding in Topeka near Dave's House

This is a bridge a couple of blocks from Dave's house and normally walkers and bike riders cross under Gage on a path in the left part of the picture. That puts the water at least 15 feet above the normal level. It is down about five feet in this picture and is not going over Gage at this point.
Dave and Barb live far enough uphill that the flood would have to come up another 10 feet to get to their house. Downstream needs to get ready as the ditches are still flowing towards the creek and the creek is flowing to the Kansas River. We had well over 10 inches of rainfall. Soggy Doggy. MUD


  1. That's more rain then we get in some years here in New Mexico!

  2. Looks like the Walnut. I've got some pictures I need to post later from around our place. Stay safe!

  3. I'm so sorry. YOu can send some of that rain here.. we need it.