Dog Days on Mom's Day?

Here is Barb's picture of Tiger doing what he does best. He looked up only to see the camera and then promptly fell asleep again. I think the term Dog days was coined by people that really don't see the cat outside in the natural environment. Domesticated cats spend a lot of time asleep in places they feel safe. Even the outside cats that are just on this side of feral mimic this behavior. I can only imagine what they are like at night when we are asleep.
I think it is only fair that there is a mother's day to honor all of those that brought us into the world without smashing us up for being the little turkeys we were. I also think it is fitting that this day happens about the time our young people graduate from college. After all, if it was up to most dad's, the kids would be taken to the door at 18 and shoved outside to fly or die. It is only through the nagging of our mothers and in some cases financial encouragement that they attend/graduate.
My hat's off to the people that choose Education as a field. Anyone that complains about the quality of education today should be sentenced to teach a fifth grade class for a week. I know there is free speech but this is only an exception and would be good for the system. I would start with the parents of the biggest troublemakers. I'm sure that there is a big list of parents that would be shocked by the behavior of their little angels and how it gets in the way of the other kids. I would spend more to support the technology in the schools. Laptops, projectors, TVs, I-Pod's and camera should be in each room to aid the teacher in teaching. For today I will for go the discussion about the need for financial support both prior and after graduation. I would start a grant that pays for the education and pays for any student loans on a per year basis. Not loans but grants. Teachers should not have to leave the profession because they need to make enough money to pay off the debt of being qualified.
Oh well, today will be a grill day with some really interesting spices from Morocco. You could smell them when you opened the mailbox. Can't wait until the grill is finished. Add a little corn, some green beans and a salad and now you are talking some real food. Have a great day out there. MUD


  1. Hope Barb had a wonderful Happy Ma's Day!

  2. Right on! I taught for 15 years and learned a lot from my students. Do you make couscous as well and taboulé. Got some good recepees.