Be Wary, Very Wary

Our Congress is about to put in place a program that will in effect grant amnesty for those illegal immigrants here and not legal. All I ask is that everyone know the true effect of bringing those undocumented workers into the systems we enjoy. Many of the immigrants have been long been working in jobs that withheld Social Security and Income Taxes but because they were working under false SSN's, they have been unable to claim the benefits of their activity. Is there going to be a restoration of rights and benefits? Will the new worker's Visa going to allow people to get refunds and rights for Soc Security later on?
One comment I read said that no matter how much lipstick you put on this pig, it is still amnesty. There are so many places for this to cost us and not benefit us that I am wary of any program that adds new mouths to our programs when their may not be deep enough pockets to pay those already in the system. I hope I am wrong but I have so many fears that those in Washington will gladly add to the number of voters without really understanding the total added costs.
Please understand that I have nothing personally against the undocumented workers. I think the short stop position is to allow all those here to continue to work and be free to travel home and back here but no citizenship for the undereducated workers. When they stop working, they need to go home. They need to pay for the services they get from the US and not gain benefits. We have a system to bring documented aliens here and for them to work towards citizenship.
Another program from Washington that will cost us more than we will benefit.


  1. I hate to say it MUD but this is one I disagree with you on.

    The social security system is the biggest PONZI scheme ever developed. If we don't recruit more contributor into the system AND fast they system WILL collapse within the next ten years. What we accomplish by giving all of these illegals a free pass is to shore up the system. They start paying in. Most of the immigrants come at a young age. They will work for their benefits. There is no other way to save this scheme short of a complete dismantling of the system.

  2. Still not sure what I think about this whole issue. Ain't commenting about what I don't know enough about. :-)

  3. I agree that it is an amnesty by any other name. You have to ask- Are your borders secure now? Will they be after this program is implemented or are you looking to have to grant yet another 12 million illegals "amnesty" 10 years from now because no one thought to shut the door.