I wasn't sure where to post this, other than on the left side of the page. Where do I begin with what should have been one great President. He believed in Compassion and in Government serving the people. His understanding of the land and having been Governor of Georgia should have prepared him for a life of statesmanship and understanding of his role.
Unfortunately, for those of us really old enough to remember, he led us down a path that created one of the toughest times in US history. We were hit with a fuel crisis, high inflation and resulting interest rates and a failed hostage crisis after our Embassy was overran.
He took one great project on in his retirement where he talked with his hammer. There is a Habitat for Humanity or two houses out there with his handy work showing on it. It is only a shame that he then turned his hammer into a "bully pulpit" to say and do things about succeeding Presidents. For those of you that think the 43rd President has a low rating I would refer you to Carter's one term in office and how hard it was for us to pay our bills. A tornado wiped my house out in 1983 and the interest rate was nearly 15 % on the refinance. Unemployment was high and interest rates higher. With a legacy like that, I hope we don't have any more.


  1. I was just a kid, but I remember those times as some of the toughest financial times in my childhood. Everyone was depressed about money and it was just awful. It seemed to take almost a decade to recover fully.

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I like the way you put this. You did a good job of stating the truth with out being harsh or overbearing. Thats exactly how I feel, but I would have said it with much harsher words.

  3. Very kindly put. He was not a great president so he has no place calling anyone else rotten. Note, I'm not saying the "right" to say whatever he wants. :-)

    If he'd just stick to building houses, everything would be cool

  4. Jimmy Carter has the right to say things about other people in public office by our Constitution. He also has the right to say nothing and let the past practice of former Presidents speak for him. I am working on being a kinder, gentler old curmudgeon. You are right, this was a polite way, kind of like the way I would like him to be. MUD