Things I hate about Blogging

  • First of all, the pornographic sites on my computer are there as the result of random hits and no, I do not want registry cleaner to come in and eliminate all traces of them on my computer. I really hate it when it closes Mozillza Firefox and I didn't want it closed. In fact, some of the sites that have obscene names are just fakes. BTW does anyone really know what the registry is? How do I find it and how can I eliminate it on my own.
  • I think those cell phone cameras are the worst thing to use to take your own picture with. If you didn't look sleepy enough, goofy enough or just drunk enough, add a cell phone camera at arms length and bingo stupid picture. You know who you are!
  • Why is it that every girl in Taiwan has a blog that is pink and takes about three minutes to load and then plays sappy music? Then, they post endless pictures of themselves crammed into pictures with a dozen friends. Get a life.
  • Why does some formats not give you a next blog tab at the top of the page. If after about 5 seconds I realize the blog is another teenage girl from Taiwan I cannot hit next blog, it pisses me off. I have to back up and go to an earlier bolg and even then it doesn't always go to a new blog.
  • The other day I hit a blog site that you had some stupid password to do anything else. I had to do a control alt, delete and stop Mozilla to get out. Thank god that worked. There needs to be a suggestion box for Blogspot that you can complain to. Some blogs just should be banned. If you don't want people to read your innermost thoughts, don't write them on a public forum.
  • What is it about the really obnoxious sites that keep coming back up if you do a random blog? Is there some tracking device that brings them back up and bothering the heck out of us? I scan and eliminate tracking cookies all the time and even then some sits just come back up time and time again. Most of them I flag after the second or third time they come back. Most of them don't have that button so all you can do is back up and hit next blog from the one you hated about 10 seconds before.
  • Is your life really so booring that you must use U-Tube for everything. I don't mind when you put something in you made or a tune you like now and then but some blogsites just copy U-Tube after another. If I wanted U-Tube I would go there.
  • The last complaint for today's rant is those theme Tags you get. Hell, if I was so stupid that I couldn't come up with something to write about I might need them but Wordless Wednesday, Feast Friday, drunk Saturday, and name 10 things that piss you off is just something I don't need. No I don't want to link to your fucking blog, I will go there if I want.
I am not sure where this all came from but hey it is my blog and I'll rant if I choose to do so. MUD


  1. Blogger has a lot of problems with spam blogs and yes the next blog feature has been hacked so blogs keep jumping the cue.

    As for the registry, you do not want to mess around unawares. Type regedit into the run command and hit enter, my recommendation is to use a pop up blocker and monitor or prevent cookie installation in your browser. What OS r u using currently?

  2. Are we having a bad day, Uncle Denny? (Picture Mz. Jackson smiling and batting her brown eyes)

  3. Well you old crotchedy fart...see if I tag you again. You will be all in alone in the blogging world. Boo hoo!!! LOve ya!!!

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  5. PS You can omit the previous comment but be prepared for a lecture on free speech.
    PS Are you getting any?
    *winks* Love ya!!!

  6. :-) Yes, someone woke up on the wrong side.. :-)
    As BCF said... don't mess with the registry.. cos you could really mess up your computer.

    I have some of the same questions as you, but no answers, unfortunately.
    I stopped doing "next blog" because of all the porn blogs.

    A question I want to add is... how do they choose the "Blogs of Note", cos they have one on there, right now, of a vile Rapper. Not very discerning.
    And.... some things I hate.. is not being able to find anything on blogger... like who has just updated. And not being able to contact anyone there.
    Bah Humbug!

  7. I'm with you up to Wordless Wednesday, etc...those I like!

  8. and instead of 'next blg' I've started going to blogs I like and seeing who they've linked to..

  9. Jenn, that's what I do, too. I don't ever hit the "next blog" button, I've had nothing but bad luck that way.

  10. Hmmmm, I think my blog probably pushes all of your buttons. haha. ALthough I have been quite terrible at updating lately. I've become boring the past month or two. Well actually I've just been having a lot of fun and forgetting to tell all about it. I'm on vacation this week, off to the capital city for my friend's wedding. Then hitting the east coast in June, my high school reunion, I should have tons to blab, or blog about soon! Hope all is well with you, sounds like you are going to have some fun summer adventures :)