Did I say That?

Well boys and girls, we have lost round one and are moving on to round two in the erosion of Free Speech. You all know that that sorry horses ass Don Imus stirred up the pot and was fired for his lapse on that stupid radio show. Compared to the crap I see on YouTube from Howard Stern's program it was an off hand remark and should have died. Imus is now suing CBS and wll collect a good portion of the rest of his salary, that was a lawsuit filed this morning.
Now, I read in that same paper that I can't mention Homosexuals, blacks or some religions for fear that it might be hate speech. What is hate speech? I agree that if I beat up a black American because he is black it might be a hate crime, but hate speech? Am I not allowed to say I hate something without the polite police arresting me? This is round two and soon, all those Nappy Headed Judges will have us being arrested for hate thoughts. First they came after the people that do bad things, then they came after the people that say bad things, next the will come after those that Blog bad things and finally they will come after thoses of us left that think bad things.
For the record, Free Speech is every one's right to say they disagree or think something is bad, wrong or just stupid. You must allow the other person the right to walk away and not fight because you disagree. You may not use an amplifier to annoy me, you can't shout fire in a crowded movie theater and you must obey the laws about parades and such but until our congress screws with it you can say I hate about anything or anybody. There might be a few liable loop holes but most of the time if the person/place or thing is well known you can say about anything.
This right was so designed to allow people to redress their grievances of oppressive governments /dictators that caused our ancestors to come here in the first place. There are several others such as the right to bear arms that I won't get into today but to me Free Speech is one thing I will defend with my last breath.
Yes, I am biased. I without a further thought love McDonald's French fies, Delmonte Catchup, 57 Chevy's and my wife. I hate stupid, people who don't learn and are capable and laws that are impossible to enforce.
On another note, did you see the Republicans Presidential Candidate Debate last night? It was a hoot. Guess what? non of them thought it would be a good idea for Bill Clinton to be back in the White House. DUH! can you imagine that? MUD


  1. Well said!!! I agree. I hate Rod Stewart...thanks for fighting overseas so I can freely say that!!!
    Fucking Rod Stewart...howling bastard.

  2. Man I hate Rod stewart too, lets lynch him!

    Hate speech laws are a double edged sword at best. I am against them.

  3. I have never thought Rod Stewart could sing and I hate, hate speech laws. Thanks. MUD

  4. I left a comment but it aint here and too tired to rethink what I wrote..
    Barry Manilow gets my craw... that's all I remember.. other than making a joke on BCF... but..
    well.. never mind.