Summer Saturdays

Was there anything that little boys liked doing more than playing baseball in the summer? OK, I know it is no longer the 50's and with the plethora of video games they probably want to stay inside in the air conditioning and play the latest and greatest new game. For those of us old enough to have memories of the 50's (and the ability to remember the 50's) there was just nothing better than a game where a bunch of us got together and played. Often we would have to get 15 or 20 of us together to have enough bats balls and gloves to outfit the team in the field. Some of us played in organized leagues but I'll bet most of us just found an empty lot and played until it was time to run home. The difference between a home run and a "run home" was the sound of breaking glass from one of the nearby homes.
As for the majority of us, we will spend the day working in the yard and remembering those days gone past. There are a lot of projects out there today and some that will just have to wait. Barb wants a "squirrel-proof " cage to grow tomatoes. Our local squirrels think Barb is just growing a buffet made for them. They like the plants long before they have a chance to grow those wonderful red fruits. Between the oaks and the squirrels we have a lot better luck going to the farmer's market and buying tomatoes.
I have been spending some time working on learning the details of my Nikon D70 cameras. It can do about a thousand things better than I can. I am really able to put it in the Auto mode and get great results but would like to know more than I do. I have hopes of going to the Grand Canyon on our trip and getting some great pictures in the early evening. If I can get Barb to get her drugs updated she may be willing to go with me but she may just stay in the Motel while I go to the South Rim. I know she would take her old Nikon and point and shoot some great pictures. I guess men would be upset if their wives didn't have a better eye for pretty things.
Better get on with my day. Have a great one. MUD

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  1. Missed you guys at Melanie's graduation. I was sure we'd see you there. You did get the invite right? I know it was mailed cause I sent it myself. It was so awesome. I can barely talk about it without tearing up. She was beautiful...the ceremony was beautiful...I am just in awe at the woman she has become. Anyway...I guess we will see you in a week or so when you bring Grandma down. Love you so much!!!