Tuesday at Tecumseh South

Yesterday the Librarian asked me if I could sub for her today. I subbed at the Middle School a couple of weeks ago and I do know they system to check out books. I guess I am elected to go there today and show a video about the book fair and see that all the little guys and gals get a book. Yesterday I was a Para-Sub and worked with three sixth graders. I'm sure they thought they would have an easy day but I worked their little butts off. We accomplished two things that were major projects (at least for them) and did them in fine style. The Poems were a major step for the guys. They just didn't want to be involved in things so girly. Between a firm hand and stern guidance they all accomplished what they needed. One of the sixth graders gave me that old line, "I can't read and I can do multiplication facts". After the hard run at the projects we split up the flash cards and did them as a game. You got to keep the one's you got right and the one's the other guy got wrong. He won and afterwards was just sure that he had gotten away with it until I made the announcement that he won. Busted!
I will get a chance to smoke those little guys on Wednesday and Thursday. I just smile while we work. No excuses, no prisoners. JUST Work! Lots of it.
The school is taking on a lose look right now as the teachers and the students anticipate the summer arriving in 17 days. Not me, I will retire from this profession in 17 days. Barb and I can both see the light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming train. Our new song is, "I don't care, I don't care, Take this job and put it you know where, cause I DON'T CARE! "
PS, I really do care but I have to keep telling myself that I don't


  1. My fourth grade daughter's teacher is retire for the second time this year.

    She definitely has short-timer's disease.

  2. You mean forever, MUD? You're gonna miss the little pipsqeaks.

  3. I told myself that not one of those rascals would get the best of me today. I smiled all day and only took one to the office. He needed it and so did I. I will probably miss it but only in the sense that if you are hitting your foot and stop it will feel so good!. MUD