Rain, Rain and More Rain

For those of you that have been listening to the National weather, you know it has been raining hear in the heartland. We are at 5.5 inches in the last 36 hours and a prediction of 3 or 4 more in the next 24. Can we spell flash flooding boys and girls? Thank god all the tornadoes have been south and west of here. There seems to be a big weather system spinning across the Midwest and sucking up moisture from the gulf. It meets the cool air and spins out rain like it is the monsoon season. Having spent one monsoon season in SE Asia I can attest to the similarity.
About the time I got the bacon frying this morning, I looked out the window and there was water flooding across the drive and bypassing the bypass drain. With the trees finally opening all their leaf buds there is just enough loose junk to plug up the grill on the drain. I went out and cleared it once but it quickly plugged up again. The cat came in the garage and declared squatters rights. It is way too soggy to be an outside cat.
Barb looked through the ads this morning and promptly left to see if there were any bargains in the city. She likes to shop and doesn't spend much so what do I care. I am in the laundry chair and will also run the vacuum later today. When I had a house full of guests due to arrive the old vacuume decided to die. I bought a new one and then found out that the old one needed a new cord. I now have two. One for the upstairs and one for downstairs. Now if I could just muster up the urge to use either.
Friday and Saturday were work outside days. I managed to cut the grass on the 5 acres I have to mow and then go over and clean up Dave's yard. It needed to have the leaves mulched up and then bagged. I took home five 50 gallon bags of finely chopped leaves. My compost piles are full and by fall should be some pretty darned good compost. Barb managed to get a lot of plants in the ground here, at the School and at Dave's. We both had to take a nap in the late afternoon.
What are they going to do with your remains when you die? There is a program on TV this morning talking about the options. Traditional Burial, compression into a diamond, scattering of your cremains or launching them into space are just a few of the options. Barb would like to be cremated and have her ashes be tilled into a garden. Me, I don't care.
I am on the Jury list for next week here in Shawnee County. I am in group 12 so I don't have to report tomorrow. I won't know about Tuesday until late Monday. I will stay available until they don't need me. I hope to be available for Thursday and Friday to teach at T. South.
Gotta run, stay dry out there. MUD


  1. Was wondering about you guys!.. just saw a pic of the town that was demolished. Were you far from there?
    Interesting how some places in the U.S. are being drenched and others suffering a drought. Gotta love mother nature.
    Hope the rain starts to let up!

  2. Do not under any circumstances let anyone put my dead body in a box in the ground! Biggest fear is being burried alive!

  3. Mud will they even need to embalm you;) Glad the storms passed you by.