A Garage Sale

Looks like Barb is going to pull off a Garage sale this weekend over at our Son's House. She is going through her closets and sorting things out.  Seems like there is a lot of good things hiding in those closets.  I hope she does well and that no matter what, the stuff doesn't come back home.

Some time this morning, I am going to go over to Dave's and checking out the plumbing.  I fixed several leaks a couple of weeks ago and I sure hope they are all dry.   The plumbing is at least 25 year old PEX and the plastic is brittle.  Once the stuff starts weeping, the connectors rust and then it really starts leaking.  I am tempted to dig in there and make it so I can really get to the pipes.  Dave found a shut off valve that will connect to the inflow pipe and new hoses can be run to the fixtures.  It is a manifold and it has one pipe in and several out.  I think I can cut down on the number of elbows and chances of failure.

Yesterday I Voted.  It is amazing that so many people are unhappy with the way Government is being run and they don't participate in the process that selects those politicians.  Doing what you did and expecting different results is the surest way to describe insanity.  MY new Motto is "Never Re-elect Anyone (NRA)."

This morning one of the Movie Channels had five O'Henry stories in one movie on.   At least two of the stories, "The Ransom of Red Chief" and "The Gift of the Magi" are favorite stories of mine.  Every time I see a small child being rowdy in the store I tell the parents about the "Ransom of  Red Chief."  Seems there are two kidnappers that take a Banker's son and are told that when they are ready to pay, the banker will take the boy back.  It is a hoot to see how that boy wrecks havoc on those two hapless kidnappers.  The other stories were funny but I love the "Ransom" story the best.  It is a lot like the story "Home Alone" from a few years back. 

Yesterday one of my Facebook friends posted a saying by John F Kennedy about how our Politicians need to work together.  Am I the only person that cringes every time I hear people call John McCain a Republican in Name Only (RINO) when he tries to work with the Democrats to solve problems.  Seeing things in a way that might find a solution that is the best isn't being untrue to the voters, it is the way real groups get things done.  Unless and until the Politicians try to do the right things for us, the problems in Washington will not get fixed.  I would elect Dave Ramsey as the Secretary of the Treasury and have him teach those suckers what it means to try to pass new stuff when we can't pay for what we have.  I'll bet that a dose of reality would knock a bunch of that free money giveaway.  In my real world, it wouldn't take Billions of dollars to send the flood of illegal kids home.  I'm sure that there are Army Truck Companies just sitting in Motor Pools all over the USA looking for work.

Oh well, seems like I have climbed up on this soap box before.



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