Dang, I hate it When That Happens!

There has to be some "Petty Things" that you hate too.  Here are just a few that bother the heck out of me:

    -  I get all juiced up to write a pithy blog and when I get here at the keyboard find that I don't have a clue what it was.  Probably because I look through Facebook and Gmail first and get side tracked.

    -  I love to grill but this time of the year is seems to attract flies in a large quantity.   Add to that the fact that we had six kids going in and out of the front door and we had to make a trip to the Hardware store to buy fly swatters.  I found them in the bargain bin with three of them in one package for a dollar.  I bought two packages and will bet that within a week will have to search for a swatter.

    -  Barb and I have for years driven our cars until the wheels fell off.  The idea of buying a new(er) car when there is good miles left in the old one just doesn't compute.  After all, isn't a car just transportation?  Barb's 97 Buick doesn't have a horn, A/C and the turn signals are intermittent.  I can smell anti freeze after driving it so I know the head gasket is only a minor amount of time from failing.   I keep telling her that the old car survival guide is that I carry a screwdriver to remove the Tag when it dies. 

    -  Most of the time, spell checker just underlines the mistyped words.  My new cell phone corrects the word and doesn't tell me.  As I tried to update the contact list one address self corrected three times to something it wasn't.  I think I finally forced it to accept the right thing but I won't know until I get somewhere and really need the right address. 

    -  Being somewhat anal about uniforms (31 years of the Military will do that to you) I have my Barbershop Chorus Shirt and pants laundered.  The shirt is about $3.85 and the pants are $6.60.  They look good and better than I could do but why would the pants be so expensive?

    - When I was looking at the guide for the new cell phone, there was a small note that it doesn't come with a Micro SD Card.  Seems like such a small thing that they should add one and raise the price.  I can't imagine that the kid at Best Buy didn't think to "upsell" one.  Some day I will share the problems during the trip to get the SD Card but enough about the technology that I don't understand.

    -  The other day, I was looking through my storage cabinet.  I realized that I had at least 30 VHS movies.  I plugged one into the VHS player and realized that it no longer worked.  I wonder how long that has been that way and just how long I would have held on to those tapes?   Would they have played if the player worked?   Now it is a collection of CD's and DVDs that is taking up room. 

   -  I wrote a lot of things while in the military.  I am direct and perhaps a little blunt.  I do have people that tell me that I am abrupt and too direct.  I guess that's the reason that I hate it when people write obtuse things on Facebook.  I expect you to tell me the truth when you lie to me. 

    -  This morning it thundered like crazy and I went out and rolled up the windows on the truck.  After a brief shower, the rain stopped.  I doubt that it would even have wet the seats.  Oh well, I did need to get up and go to the bathroom.

This was just a little fuel to get you thinking.  Write if you get a chance.


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