Common Core and Why I am Against It.

I am a conservative Republican and I have a college degree from Kansas University.  That alone should tell you that I am not opposed to standards set by others and required from the students.  It is the source of the solution that bothers me.

I do not believe that every problem or perceived shortfall can be fixed by a Government edict.  Our children deserve the best education they can get.  Any attempt to find a "One solution fits all" will fall short of the mark because it is not the idea of the local people.   When the Government offers guidance and $ to help the locals (County, school board and State) find the best way to teach their children there will always be the ownership question.  If it isn't mine, it can fail or not and not throw mud on me.   Our leaders at the more local level should be as committed to the best education we can provide not accept some edict from the Feds.

The other day, I told the wife that I do not even care how the Candidates feel about everything.  I want to know what they feel about the things the are responsible at their level.  I want the President tell us how he is going to Defend the Constitution and fund everything.  I think people would be surprised that the Budget is an allocation of Government funds that spells out just what the plan to support it are.  There are many unfunded mandates out there that for various reasons can not or will not be funded.  I would much rather hear straight forward answers to the problems and not pabulum about what the other guys did or did not do. 

In Kansas, there is a lot of criticism of our Governor's programs that have attempted to change the status quo.  I for one think that unless someone steps out of the mold, things will remain true to the old saying.  It Goes, "Doing the same thing over and expecting something different is the purest form of insanity."  When a Senator comes home to run a State, the challenge is will he be credited or discredited for the answers to problems. 

One thing that really bothers me is that quite often the leaders at the highest levels are given credit or blame for the things they cannot or should not change.  If the President is lucky enough to not have a 9-11 or a near depression happen on their watch they are given a giant OK.  With that said, we often re-elect the incumbent rather than to say, "Nice Try" and send them down the road.  I know people are tired of hearing me say that I don't know how the congress could have such a low approval level and get elected near the 80% mark.  I guess those few people that do get out and vote do know how important there votes are.   People really are mad at the Koch's because they spend millions to influence the congress.  How about the apathy of the unwashed millions that don't get up off their butts and vote?  

If you didn't, you are letting guys like me choose your leaders.

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